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Groundbreaking at last on August 29, 2009

August 17, 2009
Site of new campus

Site of new campus, 100 acres in the hills above Accra in the village of Berekuso

After 7 years of delivering a great education in simple rented buildings, Ashesi will break ground on a permanent campus home! We expect a good crowd at a traditional Ghanaian Durbar ceremony in the rural community of Berekuso.

Some Ashesi friends are traveling to Ghana for the week leading up to the groundbreaking ceremony. We’ll meet with Ashesi faculty and leadership, visit graduates at their workplace, and watch students present their projects.

This blog will be a place where visitors can share photos and impressions, and where Ashesi friends who were unable to join the trip can post questions or comments.

Village of Hope, where an Ashesi grad is Operations Officer

Village of Hope, where an Ashesi grad is Operations Officer, revamping their curriculum

Watching Ashesi Graduates at Work
To see, first-hand, the New Africa that the Ashesi community is working so hard to bring about, we’ll visit three Ashesi graduates at their workplaces.

We’ll visit tech-startup Dream oval a software company that is developing new payment and communications technologies for African businesses. Their product iWallet began as an Ashesi student project.

We’ll go to the Village of Hope orphanage, (kids shown above) where an Ashesi grad is now operations manager. She is revamping the curriculum away from memorization, teaching the children math and critical thinking skills, how to use technology, and to prepare for a strong future.

DreamOval founders create mobile business software

DreamOval founders create mobile business software

And we’ll visit a graduate at Astrient Foundation, a non-profit that supports the dissemination of technical knowledge, software and expertise in disadvantaged communities.