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Visit to Village of Hope: Another Ashesi Graduate leading change

August 27, 2009

On Tuesday, the Ashesi donors from the US headed out to Elmina, both to see the beach community and to visit Cape Coast castle.   On the way, we stopped to meet one of our outstanding graduates, the valedictorian in the class of ‘07, Araba Amusai.  Araba was a computer science major at Ashesi.  She had a number of lucrative private sector offers to become the chief of operations of the Village of Hope orphanage.

How did a computer science major who attended on financial aid decide to forsake the traditional job market in favor of the Orphonage?  She was impacted by a class (which we got to sit in on monday) called leadership seminar 4.  In the class, which students take in their senior year, they undertake a tangible community service project.   For Araba, that was working at the Orphanage.    She realized that through the Village of Hope she had the potential to transform lives.  

Village of hope is not just home and family (the kids are grouped with a house mother and house father)for about 250 kids; but also provides education through middle school for its students and the surrounding community, and a local health center.   The education is more rigorous than the public system, as evidenced by all 35 students (9 of which were from the orphanage) who took the high school entrance exam who all passed with distinction (putting them in the top 5% of all students who took the exam in Ghana).  

Patrick and

Araba’s vision is to transform primary school education in Ghana, starting at the Village of Hope.   She looks both at improving the pedagogy as well as working to make the whole operation more efficient.   Patrick Awuah was with us, and she and Patrick were exchanging information on how to get the best price on internet access for an institution, and Patrick was asking Araba about how the operations work to run an integrated health center that serves the community outside the compound—similar to what we envision on Ashesi’s permanent campus.

  All in all, a well run place being enhanced by an Ashesi student with a passion for leading change in the systems of West Africa.

A few pictures from the village of hope:

Outside the Village houses


Ruth is shown the closets where the boys keep their things in the dormitory.

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