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The Tour of Ashesi

August 24, 2009

Ashesi University Sign Matt talks to the donar group

My family (Ruth, Rachel, Sam and myself, Todd Warren) arrived in Ghana yesterday.   Today we spent the day on a tour of Ashesi.  You can see the entrance to the university and the tour group meeting with Matt Taggert of Ashesi above.  I’ve been on the board since 2001—before we started classes, and visited about 3 years ago to see the campus.   It’s amazing to see how it has matured as a university.   Today was also the first day of classes, and we have the new class of 150.   Like all campuses on the first day, Ashesi’s first day was filled with returning students reconnecting and reuniting.   The energy on campus was overwhelmingly positive. 

One thing that’s changed from 3 years ago is that campus has added a third rented building.   You can see that in the map here

Ashesi building signage As  you can probably discern from the map, the

campus is relatively spread out.  It’s located in the Labone section of Accra, and there are a mix for residences and small businesses that surround it.   We had a great

Q&A with Patrick and Lunch with the senior staff.   The two highlights for me were the meeting with Derry Dadzie from DreamOval, a company founded by Ashesi, and then dicussions with Ashesi students and some of their projects.  I will make seperate posts about those two things.

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